General communication projects

In the tool, you can upload specific databases from your CRM systems and automatically write an e-mail or letter in the correct language to the selected target group.


  • Training courses
  • Birthday wishes
  • New Year wishes
  • Launch of new products
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Communication on meetings
  • Advertising to several target groups through the various departments
  • Receptions
  • Staff activities


Overview of the Communication Modules

  1. E-mails in 4 languages
    The different stages in the communication may take the form of e-mail messages, uniformly formatted in the style of your organisation. Various attachments can be sent together with these e-mails: parking diagrams, route plans, practical information, e-tickets, etc.
  2. Letters in 4 languages
    The communication can also use traditional print media: you can print all the letters in high resolution and send them by conventional post to those who do not have an e-mail address.
  3. Labels and tags
    You can also print labels, badges with or without bar codes, address labels, luggage tags with dedicated XLS files.
  4. E-tickets with external bar codes
    You can create yourself any e-tickets, including access bar codes, and send them together with the confirmation letter. Both via e-mail and by post.
  5. Budget module
    In no time, the software calculates your budget per main project, per subproject, per package and per guest.
  6. Poll/Survey module
    After the event or incentive activities, the software sends a survey to all the attending guests and reports to management and the users of the tool.
  7. Complex registrations for incentive programmes and conferences
    A professional registration module for incentive programmes/conferences to manage and report on complex registrations – with dozens of questions for each project.


Now available (new developments)

  1. SMS module
    Possibility to programme and send in advance SMS messages before, during and after an event at predetermined intervals.
  2. Smart phone
    Possibility to book and collect admission tickets via a smart phone – to be read upon arrival at the event.

In short

The Communication & Hospitality Master allows you to fully manage your communications around a specific event or project. You drastically reduce the workload, increase the efficiency and uniformity of your reporting and you ensure full transparency on the progress of your communication. Furthermore, you increase your professionalism: your – internal or external – guests themselves can register and obtain the correct follow-up communication immediately and automatically.