Easily follow up various actions: Who looks at your proposals? How many tickets are still available? How often is a VIP package selected? What is the final cost per person?

The IComm Master provides you with a powerful marketing tool which allows you to communicate quickly and directly and/or evaluate your different events online and in real time.

For companies that frequently organise actions or sponsor events – and offer these centrally to multiple departments, branches or offices – the Communication & Hospitality Master automatically generates a picture of the impact of every action they undertake.

  • You create the events or actions, the sub-events and the packages.
  • You decide who the beneficiaries may choose: you give access to employees in other branches, offices or departments and are able to easily determine different user roles.
  • They simply select the target groups or guests from their databases.
  • You can see who is selected for which actions.
  • They automatically send letters, invitations and confirmations via e-mail or by post – in their language of choice.
  • You manage effortlessly both the offers and the selected options.
  • You monitor the flow of each event in real time.
  • You can easily consult the data of a particular target group, spread over different actions or events.
  • The different departments and branches of your company have editing and viewing rights. This ensures that everyone has the most up-to-date information at any time.
  • You can plan your actions carefully and perfectly, from catering or ticketing to providing transportation and accommodation.
  • You store all the communications linked to every contact or customer.
  • You check the popularity of your organised or sponsored event and intervene where necessary.
  • You manage and control your budgets at the push of a button.
  • You archive the information about each event in order to be able to consult it again at a later stage.