IComm was founded in 2004. At the time, Jan Boulangier had built up fifteen years of experience as an organizer of both small and large-scale events. What were his findings? That this requires a lot of work and energy; how much prestige and reputation are involved here; how often budgets are exceeded; and that clear objectives are rarely set.

Automation is the solution to all these problem areas. Smart automation ensures efficient processes, increased professionalism and clear reporting.

Three experienced programmers rallied behind Jan Boulangier’s goal: the development of user-friendly software which would streamline from A to Z all the processes supporting corporate events and communications.

They succeeded. Today, IComm is able to boast prestigious references, among which Belgacom, KBC, Ethias, Wembley, De Post and AXA. And the platform continues to grow – with mobile capabilities, additional language functionalities, and CRM links on the results obtained.

What is IComm’s objective? Expand the Communication & Hospitality Master into the most powerful tool in its domain, to strengthen dynamic and professional, pioneering companies.