Cost effective, efficient and smart

Strengthen your relationships through careful communication for well-chosen events

Organising company events is a time-consuming and expensive business. It also requires a lot of care: any mistake you make in this process is harmful to your image. And often, not enough attention is paid to the calculation of the return on investment: Who comes to your events? Are you indeed reaching your target group? What are the most popular events? And what can you start (at the last minute) with empty seats?

What’s more, some companies remain under the radar of end customers – although they sometimes have an advanced CRM module. Since their communication is aimed at intermediaries (distributors, representatives, integrators), they fail to create brand awareness among end customers.

The IComm Master automates the entire flow behind your actions and event organisation: one push of a button and inviting and monitoring takes place – seamlessly – at all intermediary levels. Your end customers react and interact through your platform: you avoid duplication and save time – and money. And you communicate directly with your end customer, the very same who benefits from your action.

The IComm Master allows you to focus on your core business: satisfying and retaining your customers with the right events and targeted communication.

Advantages of our tool

3 separate environments

The tool is divided into three distinct environments: 1. a development environment; 2. a test and acceptance environment; 3. the operational environment. Testing and development is possible with the 3 separate environments without jeopardizing the production environment.

Multiple languages

You can deploy it across the boundaries of departments, branches and countries.


Automated choices: invitations by post or e-mail, entry badges, bar-coded tickets, etc.


Independent of ERP or other business software. The – thoroughly protected – system runs as stand-alone.


With your corporate identity. You upload documents the way that suits you.

Clear reporting

You can see at a glance which events fill up quickly and which ones do so slower. And how much the total or individual cost amounts to.

Intuitive interface

Making sure every user can handle the platform in no time.


The employees who can express their interest in an action, the employees who are able to invite, the customers or target groups who qualify, the actions, the packagess, tickets, parking facilities, transportation options, accommodation options, etc.

Communication flow

From a save-the-date through a written invitation to an e-mail confirmation.
In your language of choice.