How does it work?

The IComm Master uses an intuitive and user-friendly online platform.

It is hosted entirely independently on a separate server. The solution therefore runs independently from your existing ERP or other business software.

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How long does the implementation take?

The Communication & Hospitality Master can be implemented quickly thanks to its simple design. Depending on the adjustments and modules you wish to integrate, a clear schedule will be agreed in advance.

Is it secure?

Your database containing your business contacts is precious. Before it was deployed at one of our customers in banking, the application’s security was thoroughly tested by KPMG.

The test carried out is based on 16 security aspects, including the top 10 security threats defined by the OWASP organisation. The security of the IComm Master was declared fully airtight.



The 16 security aspects

1 SQL Injection vulnerabilities
2 Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
3 Unauthenticated file upload vulnerabilities
4 Unauthenticated file access and server side script execution
5 Cross-site request forgery vulnerabilities
6 Executable file upload vulnerability
7 Insecure configuration – file system permissions
8 Insecure configuration – excessive database user rights
9 Cross-user contact import vulnerabilities
10 Clear text application user passwords
11 Session handling issues
12 Password change and complexity issues
13 Insecure configuration – bad/rejected emails containing sensitive data
14 Unnecessary open ports
15 Cryptographically weak SSL protocol
16 Information leakage