Planning and reporting from A to Z

Exceptional support for the efficient management of your actions

The user-friendly interface of the Communication & Hospitality Master allows you to create one or more ‘events’. These can include large-scale concerts for all your customers, targeted workshops for your partners, or even birthday cards to all your employees.
Then, it’s up to you to define how it goes:


The employees who can express their interest in an action, the employees who are able to invite, the customers or target groups who qualify, the actions, the packagess, tickets, parking facilities, transportation options, accommodation options, etc.

Communication flow

From a save-the-date through a written invitation to an e-mail confirmation.
In your language of choice.

Monitoring is then carried out via a standardised and automated process.
All you have to do is follow the success of your campaign.


You can use the IComm Master:

General communication projects

Also for projects


As a coordination platform for large-scale events

Large-scale events


The ultimate support for your hospitality programme

Hospitality programme